ALC held many interesting activities for us.

We explored San Francisco, UC Berkeley, and Santa Cruz.

We watched baseball game and football game.

We had company visit and volunteering.

We also had karaoke and party night in the theatre.


In San Francisco, we visited the ferry building, walked to Fisherman Wharf, and took the bus to Union Square.

We tried clam chowder there.  The soup was good, but most people didn't like to eat the bread.

I still remember what we are doing while waiting for the bus in San Francisco.

We didn't know that night would be so chilly.

Everyone was trying to get themselves warm up.

Students from Mainland China even gathered together and sang in the chorus.



Very famous tourist site "Fisherman Warf" 漁人碼頭


​​ IMG_5106

In Santa Cruz, the beach is beautiful, and there's an amusement park.

I still remember that we threw each other into the sea,

and many people were totally soaked so that they had to buy new clothes.

I tried turkey drumstick there, and it was so big that I cannot finish it


Beautiful beach of Santa Cruz










This is dippin' dots, an ice cream.  It is so delicious !!



I didn't visit UC Berkeley because I didn't know it was in the same day as the football game.

Plus, I believed that one day I would be there as a full-time student.

Maybe I should work hard to get the admission of Product Development Program in Berkeley and I will be tired of everything in Berkeley then

I really enjoyed the game though.  It was exciting.

The stadium was really big !





ALC also held several panels about life in the U.S, asians in America, work in the U.S, and so on.

Many alumni of ALC were invited to give a presentation.

To tell the truth, they were not very helpful to me because I had been looking for the information for years.

And the information I got from the panel is basically the same as what I had collected.

But to university students, these panels would help them a lot.


As for company visit and volunteering work, there are many choices.

I choose to go to Google and Autodesk as company visit, and Sutro for volunteering visit.

Originally, we thought that Sutro might be near the beach and we need to do coastal cheanup

We were told that there'll be a pizza party after finishing the work.

However, when we arrived, we found us in the mountain.  We need to help protect California species.

Though what we need to do was different from our expectation, it was really fun and meaningful.

We have to weed and dig out blackberries, which would absorb too much nutrition and devastate ecosystem in California.

It was exhausted, but it was my pleasure to be a member of ecological restoration. 



IMG_5249 IMG_5252

  The pizza party :D



I didn't take any pictures for google visit   lol




                                                                               (to be continued)



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